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Welcome To MOF: Off The Books

MOF: Off The Books presents "Rivals: Inside Look"! Everyone has insight into how the week to week matchups around the MOF will play out. So what happens when you take perhaps the two biggest rivals in MOF History and have them debate how they see things shaking out on a week to week basis? Roclo & JFon come together to discuss 3 games every week and deliver their thoughts on how things will shake out. Tension is always high when these two get together, how will that play out as they share opinions with each other and deliver their outlook on the MOF Matchups weekly? Check it out and lets see.

Rivals: Inside Look- Session 4: Playoff Edition

MOF: Off The Books presents "Unsanctioned"! This is where we dive deep, no filters, no gimmicks and we get down to nitty gritty of what people want to know. This is where we will interview MOF Coaches past and/or present and see how they really feel about their status in the MOF, their current season, their upcoming games and oh so much more. Always looking to ask the hard questions this is an inside look you don't want to miss.

Unsanctioned Session 2: Jonesy...Unblemished & Unstoppable.

MOF: Off The Books presents "Oh Really"! Week in and week out the Power Rankings of the MOF are posted, and week in and week out they are left up for debate. With "Oh Really" we will give our opinion on the Top 5 MOF Power Rankings and then post the MOF: Off The Books Top 5! Status Quo be damned! 

Oh Really- Week 4