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MOF: Off The Books presents "Oh Really"! Week in and week out the Power Rankings of the MOF are posted, and week in and week out they are left up for debate. With "Oh Really" we will give our opinion on the Top 5 MOF Power Rankings and then post the MOF: Off The Books Top 5! Status Quo be damned! 

Power Ranking Effective Date: December 4th 2017

MOF Power Rankings

Minnesota Vikings 3-0

The Defending Champions have picked up right where they left off last season. Off to a hot 3-0 start can he hold the top spot all season?

Pittsburgh Steelers 2-1

The defending AFC Champs started off with a dud losing to the Phins, but have since boucned back with 2 straight and already in control of the AFC North

Denver Broncos 3-0

Coach Plow got hot during the end of last season, and hes carried that over into this season with a strong 3-0 start. Diffinatly the top contendor to the Steelers in the AFC.

Houston Texans 3-0

Pauly turned in another solid Pauly like season last year, hes had an offseason to mold the texans more into what he wants and its showing with a good start. Can he turn it up in the postseason will be the only ?? for them.

New England Patriots 2-1

Coach Leet made a few moves this offseason to add more weapons for TB. After dropping their opener to the Bears, the offense has hit its stride scoring over 100 in their past 2 games.

MOF: Off The Books Power Rankings

Minnesota Vikings 3-0

The defensing champion and still unbeaten, this is not even debatable. Somebody stop this man!

Denver Broncos 3-0

Heavy favorite to win the AFC last season and picking right where he left off kicking ass and taking names. His division seems possibly more competitive but we love what we have seen thus far, especially defensively!

Houston Texans 3-0

Call me a fanboy, but this was MY pick to rep the AFC in the Super Bowl last season. Always going to compete with the top of the league the Texans have already knocked off 2 playoff teams and another team that missed the playoffs by a hair. Solid is the only way to describe these boys. 

Pittsburgh Steelers 2-1

You get points for being the defending AFC Champ...but not only in politically correct Corporate MOF Power Rankings. Here at Off The Books we tell you how it really is and an out of the gate stumble, followed by unimpressive battle with the Browns and capped by impressive win over the Chiefs will not auto catapult you into the Top 3. Still love you though....I guess...

Green Bay Packers 2-1

It was all good just a season everyone has seemed to forget and overlook the Madden Jesus. Yes he choked in the playoffs, yes his division is the most historically competitive in MOF History. And yes he lost his slider battle with the league office and was fired from Staff. But he is still 2-1 and going to be in the topic of Top 5 conversation all season. Also it give me GREAT joy to place him above those scrubs up in New England.

Honorable Mention(s): LA Rams(2-1), Chicago Bears(2-1), Detroit Lions(2-1) 

   Honorable mentions go to three redemption stories here in the MOF. The Detroit Lions are headed by Coach Betts who was recently reinstated to the MOF and has done an amazing job retooling the Lions roster. He is a major wildcard are we are  to certain of how he will lead his team but early results look promising. 

   The Rams & Bears both were expected to make noise last season and fell short...that's an understatement, they sucked ass! Now they have both started decently with wins over some quality opponents. These 3 teams all failed to make the playoffs last year, they seem prepped to shakeup the scene of the NFC Playoff Race

GTFO: New England Patriots (2-1)

     Per our policy we will only be going off the posted records as of the posting of the MOF Power Rankings. However lets not let it pass as if we don't all know Leet and the Patriots got their asses kicked by the Chiefs in Week 4. Even before that manhandling where the Patriots O-line looked overpowered and outmatched Leet falls into the category as perhaps the biggest disappointment in the MOF to date. Dropping his season opener he leaves many to question how dominate will he be this time around. He narrowly snagged his division last season nearly falling to a rookie upstart out of Miami. His claim to fame is plastering a rebuilding and dazed and confused Jets team in a contest with the lowest rating on MOF TV this season. Leet had better get it together before all the respect we have for him fades. There was a time it was Leet & Jonesy as the standard bearers of supreme talent in the MOF. Jonesy is defending champ...Leet is sending his HOF QB out to be slaughtered on failed 4th quarter drives left and right. Step up young man...please step up!