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MOF: Off The Books presents "Rivals: Inside Look"! Everyone has insight into how the MOF playoffs will play out. So what happens when you take perhaps the two biggest rivals in MOF History and have them debate how they see things shaking out ? Roclo & JFon come together to discuss the MOF Playoffs and deliver their thoughts on how things will shake out. Tension is always high when these two get together, how will that play out as they share opinions with each other and deliver their outlook on the MOF Playoffs? Check it out and lets see.

Rivals: Inside Look- Playoff Edition

Wildcard Round

Redskins(2-1) @ Giants(2-1)

.:: Roc's Take ::.

  New Season and here we are again with an inside look at some of the more interesting MOF games on deck. We kick off right where we left off last season with a look at the Redskins/Giants matchup. An early season matchup of NFC East rivals looking to lay claim to the division. With the Eagles early season slip ups both these teams look to make a case for overtaking the division. The Giants always seem to waltz into these matchups battered and bruised as they are without starting LG Justin Pugh and Nickel CB Eli Apple for this tilt. The Skins are down their starting Center Spencer Long which will make the Center/QB exchange very interesting throughout. Last time these two met it was for a playoff spot and the Giants fell short. I think in the early clash of the season history will repeat itself and the Redskins will knock the Giants off to put the first inch of distance between these two talented teams.

.:: JFon's Take ::.

  You're right Roc for a change, these two will be battling for the division each and every season of this MOF edition. They have gone back and forth, in the last game last season the Giants had alot of key injuries on the table that really hampered them. Being alot healthier this time around I'm giving the edge to the Gmen. The Reskins are coming off a tough loss down in Tampa and i think they have a hard time moving on from that loss in this key early divisional game.

.:: Roc's Retort ::.

  I guess healthy is a relative term in a football league, yet you are correct, not nearly as many high profile injuries for the Giants this time around. I just don't see the Redskins as a team allowing themselves to drop two straight. After that heartbreaker last week I see bounce back and the Reskins riding high on top of the NFC least for a few weeks.

Roclo: Redskins

JFon: Giants

Vikings(3-0) @ Rams(2-1)

.:: Roc's Take ::.

The champion Jonesy will always sit with a target on his back! Everyone gives him their all and look to knock the king from the thrown. So far the Vikings are unblemished at 3-0 but the road doesn’t ease up for them. After narrowly pulling out the win against the Dolphins last week in a shockingly close game the Vikes look to continue their winning ways against the 2-1 Rams. DoubleD and the Rams are a team which game into last season with much promise and potential before shitting the bed early and often. After retooling their O-line with some studs in the draft the Rams also shored up their secondary with rookie Taz Jones. Covering all bases they also hit the free agent pool and dropped major coin on TE Tyler Eifert who’s massive contract was seen as unreal until his production started to match the dollar signs. Sitting at 2-1 after all that offseason movement the Rams have a shot to make a statement to the entire NFC if they cant not just hang with, but actually knock Jonesy from his perch. Eifert will have to come up big here for the Rams to hang with the king.

.:: JFon's Take ::.

  These two owners have history as they battled it out in the same division last madden edition. Coach DoubleD played Jonesy tough but Coach Jonesy seemed to always edge it out. Looking to the present Coach Jonesy hasn't missed a beat rolling in the first season of this edition to the MOF Championship. While Coach DD moved to the Rams and had a big adjustment in his first season out there really struggling. But it looks like Coach DD might have learned from the mistakes and has the Rams off to a good start. They will give the Vikings all they can take but it won't be enough as the Champ notches another W

.:: Roc's Retort ::.

Going unstated here is the Vikings retooled WR core and shift at running back. With all that speed and talent for the Vikings offense they sit with the 31st rank offense in the league. 30th ranked passing offense and 28th ranked rushing offense. The Vikings are getting it done defensively and that what is fueling their wins but for them to continue their run on top the offense is going to have to wake up, when it does it will be scary. There is an opening here is DoubleD can limit turnovers and keep up defensive pressure but the question is CAN DoubleD take advantage of the struggling Vikings offense and roll to a victory. I sadly think not.

Roclo: Vikings

JFon: Vikings

Raiders(3-0) @ Broncos(3-0)

.:: Roc's Take ::.

  The AFC West is alive!! After Plowboy and the Broncos tore through the division last year with little to no resistance the tide perhaps is shifting! After some major offseason moves by all teams in the division things are a bit more competitive and here is the evidence. The stout Raiders….formerly referred to as the lowly Raiders, come into Denver unbeaten to match with their division foe who is also unbeaten. The Raiders are working wonders on the defensive line and it is truly a scary sight for opposing offenses what Khalil Mack & Co. are bringing to the table. A lot of the league is showing Coach Powers and his boys very little love and respect in the early going of the season. This game is a statement game indeed, and if the Raiders can pull it out, the Power Rankings and the MOF Whisper Room will be sounding a hell of a lot different. The Broncos were a favorite to rep the AFC in the Super Bowl last season but something went left in the playoffs and it didn’t come to fruition. This season the are boasting the top defense in the league as that is clearly their strong suit. With a middling offense they rely on their defense to get it done. In a matchup of powerhouse defenses who will come out on top? I’m showing respect and taking the unrespected underdog out of Oakland here.

.:: JFon's Take ::.

  Just when i think you're making some sense on some of these picks you go off the deep end and really resort back to the Roc I know. Which is just stupid! The Raiders and Coach Powers rejoined the MOF last season after being away from the game for like 20 years and really just struggled. Pointing to a settings change is the reasoning for the Raider turnaround says their coach. But not so fast you idiots, the Raiders have beatin 3 winless teams, aka not impressed. The Raiders finally get a real test vs one of the elite coaches in Coach Plow, and i see nothing less then a 20 point win for the Broncos.

.:: Roc's Retort ::.

  I'll admit I may be in the minority here, however I respect the Raider's ability to not turn the ball over. Zero interceptions through 3 games is an impressive feat regardless of who the opponent was. Facing the top defense in the league will be a bit different but I feel Powers will shock the world as well as Plowboy here with a gritty win. Ecto Coolers for everyone it!

Roclo: Raiders

JFon: Broncos