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MOF: Off The Books presents "Unsanctioned"! This is where we dive deep, no filters, no gimmicks and we get down to nitty gritty of what people want to know. This is where we will interview MOF Coaches past and/or present and see how they really feel about their status in the MOF, their current season, their upcoming games and oh so much more. Always looking to ask the hard questions this is an inside look you don't want to miss.

Unsanctioned Session 1: Betts & JP...Tale of Two Tasmanian Devils!

In an unsanctioned session Roclo sits down with former MOF Coach Betts and dives deep into the past, present and future. Also joining us is fellow wild boy himself Coach JP.

Roclo: Ok, so lets dive right into this, Coach Betts you're a longtime MOF veteran, Class of 2011 Hall of Famer, 4 time Super Bowl winner and 2 time runner up. You have etched yourself in the MOF Record books more times than I can count and have set records that may never be broken. Your Yearly Award cabinet is a who's who of trophies and dominance. At one point your were the standard bearer and whom many considered the "Best in the World". All that said you currently find yourself on the outside looking in. Up until recently you were actually banned and on the MOF Blacklist. From "Best in the World" to a man in no man's land floating around aimlessly in MOF chatrooms and message boards. Tell us in your own did we get here?

Betts: Well first off let me say this..I am not perfect. My journey to where I am now has been a long and crazy road. I made a ton of mistakes within the last year and it all started from the fact that as I grew older and lost the time to lab on the game I became out of touch in the Madden world. I lost both my parents in the span of a year and a half and it left me angry and emotionally devastated . I couldn’t see all the positives I had in my life because of the passing of two of the most important people in my life. Now that I have been out of the league and taken some time to focus on myself and my faith I realize how much that I have to be grateful for. A beautiful wife, two great sons, really more than anyone could ask for. God willing I will find a way back into this MOF community. You all have been like brothers to me and the main reason I’m not here anymore is because of my lashing out as a petulant child and now with my faith I have become a man.

Roclo: Wow, that seems deep, sincere and a hell of an emotional roller coster! Taking all that into account what do you say to those who doubt your sincerity and are waiting and watching....and even tempting to pry out "Old Betts". Basically the group who feel this is a charade that has gone on for far too long now. What do you say to those people?

Betts: I say to those people, I understand completely where they are coming from. The only thing that will change their minds is my actions and time. I plan on proving them wrong with the right actions and become not only a better player but a better man at the same time.

RocloWhat about the assertion that you are taking it too far. Perhaps that is the reason for feelings of insincerity. A man can change without presenting himself the way you do. Do you foresee a period, if you ever were presented with a team, where you shift to a more even keeled Betts versus, and forgive me for the phrase "Joel Osteen" Betts?

**Betts Chuckles**

Betts: Well that’s a two part answer ...I do and I don’t. Allow me to explain...God willing this will always be the new and improved me, no more anger, no more aggression, just thankful that I’m here and present. The reason I say the latter is no one can really see what is coming in the future but I don’t see me ever going back to the way I was in the past. I walk the straight and narrow line for the Lord and God willing I will for the future.

Roclo: #GodWilling for sure! I appreciate your openness and willing to sit and talk with us. Now shifting away from your spiritual block party with Jesus I'd like to pick your brain on a few things MOF related.

**Betts can't help but laugh**

Betts: Let's do it!

Roclo: Being on "OG" if you will, what is your opinion on the current state of the MOF as you see it as an "outsider"?

BettsI think the MOF is in a good place..a good infusion of young talent as well as some old wiley veterans..of course there are some heels sprinkled in to push some buttons...(I know all to well about how to do that in my former days lol) all in all even the Commish has his plate full with a baby but I think the generals he has in place are doing a great job picking up the slack when he can’t.

RocloRight on, right on...perhaps the biggest debate going on in the MOF Universe right now is the "Slider Debate". A poll recently went out where members would vote on new play settings. Do you have any opinion on the "All Pro vs All Madden w/ Sliders" debate.

BettsI’m of the opinion it should go to All-Nadden Comp Mode ...I know there is a debate about the injuries but for me I think that would be the best way to go. But as far as the choices I would always stay All Madden. MOF has always been All Madden gameplay and always should be.

Roclo: Interesting indeed as Comp mode was not even brought into the discussion for a vote. All that said have you voted in the poll? I mean booted and blacklisted former staff member Cheef put in a vote, why not you? Honestly I considered telling my wife to put in a vote for me.

BettsLOL, I had no clue I was even allowed to..I’m trying to not overstep my boundaries and be the best new man I can be. But if asked to or said I could vote than I most certainly would!

Roclo: "Allowed to" is a loose term around the MOF these days. We do respect your integrity and attempt not to defile the voting process. With that the results of the poll should be public knowledge before long and we will see how it turns out. #AllMaddenAllDay

**Roclo and Betts share a laugh**

Roclo: On a lighter note, have you been keeping up with this season in the MOF? If so who is your current favorite coach?

BettsI really have not at all, once I was asked to rejoin the chat last week was the first time I even looked at the standings. It’s seems that the broncos owner is a up and comer and the dolphins owner seems to have a rivalry with Leet..who we all know is no slouch either. If I had to predict who would come out and make it to the Super Bowl just really only being here a week I would say Broncos-Packers Super Bowl.

Roclo: Interesting indeed! Always valued insight coming from a legend like yourself. Turning attention back to you, over your years here who would you say has been your toughest opponent? Additionally, while I know negatively is not in your wheelhouse right now. Who would you classify as your least favorite coach in the MOF??

BettsI would say there are 3 people that always gave me trouble...Alex , Leet and Beast...shockingly enough Alex always gave me the toughest time..his methodical game plan calling always irked me and got me off my game and of course his multiple 55 RBs he used! My least favorite coach without being too negative is Coach Kali. Even with my negative ways behind me he always did the most disrespectful things. He was never a challenge on the field but would always complain about me not playing sim and several times when I was beating him big he would quit with 4 seconds left in the game and the game would be lost.

RocloI hear you on that damn Alex assessment! For a man who gets physically abused by his wife he can surely bring the hammer on the football field.

Betts: Hahahaha!

RocloWith our final gear shift I'd like to turn my attention to Coach JP. The title of this interview is "Betts & JP: A Tale of Two Tasmanian Devis". You've been in the league with Coach JP over time here and there. What has been your assessment of him? Also if you don't mind JP will be joining us for this segment.

Betts: I don't mind at all, I have nothing to hide in terms of MOF members. I think JP is a really unique and wonderful character. His humor and sometimes his over the top antics can be too much for some people I understand that, but for me I actually love his stories and I love his witted humor ...def a favorite of mine here in the MOF.

RocloJP, I'd like to welcome you into the fold, and the reason I have you here is because for a time there were many parallels drawn between yourself and Coach Betts. This interview is entitled "Tale of Two Tasmanian Devils" for a reason. You've been in the league with Coach Betts before during various stints. Coming from your "wild gun" personality what has your outlook always been on Coach Betts?

JPI've always loved his bad boy persona. You have to respect a man that can stand alone.

Roclo: This is true, and what are your thought on the personality comparisons between the two of you?

JP: Betts, I feel is more emotionally involved than me. I bust balls for pure fun, when Betts lets loose it's usually gameplay related. The guy should win every game he plays, he's the GOAT, so losses rattle his cage. Whereas I'm used to a lifelong history of losing in the MOF. You know what I'm talking about...right Roc? 

**JP bursts into uncontrolled laughter**

Roclo: You are indeed a lifelong loser JP...this is true. Now back to you Betts, what do you think of the personality comparisons between the two of you? Constantly walking the line between beloved and booted?

Betts: I think in our hearts we are very similar people and I just think he needs to let go of his anger ..I’ve learned how to ...I pray he can! But yes we are basically the same person before I made my change’s probably where he grew up from I know that’s where mine came from God willing he will come around and release the anger that sometimes haunts him.

Roclo: With that said JP, what do you think of the Joel Osteen version of Betts?

JPI'm over it, I've been over it since day one! I'm ready for him to drop the cloth, quit being a devoted man of the Lord and get back to the Betts we all love. It is funny as fuck though in the meantime though...

RocloNow we've been talking with Coach Betts and from the sound of things this is far from an act. If this is the "New Betts" do you feel he has a place here in the MOF?

JP: He has a place either way, not only in the MOF but in the hearts of the fans. Love him or hate him...he is the GOAT!

Roclo: So Betts, JP says he is "over it" in terms of the new Betts. "I'm ready for him to drop the cloth quit being a devoted man of the Lord and get back to the Betts we all love. It is funny as fuck though in the meantime". Do you have anything to say to your personality twins' assessment?

BettsI would expect nothing more than that from him! Deep in his heart I know he loves me and wants to have his anger gone and walk in the light as well! Rock on JP!

RocloGod Bless JP! Well as I said previously I appreciate you taking the time. Before you go do you have any predictions or hopes for who will quit/get booted and you get the anointing from above to take over an MOF team? Obvious hope is the Redskins, but realistically?

BettsI would love to somehow get into the AFC. I have been the Redskins so long I forgot what it’s like to be in the other conference God willing I’ll get that chance but obviously I’ll be happy with any team.

Roclo: Much respect Betts, and we will close out with letting you deliver whatever message you'd like to the MOF Commish as well as the MOF Staff or MOF Universe as a whole.

Betts: I appreciate you Roc for taking the time to do this interview and in closing let me say this. I want the past to be the past but also a reminder of how far I have come as we look into he future, only time will show my true spirit. As far as a team or replacing an owner I think my reputation, besides the way I use to act speaks for itself..I always always get my games in every week I am active on polls and the chat and honestly I know there are a couple of teams I should probably have taken over already but it may not be my time yet...God willing I’ll get that chance but if not it’s not meant to be ...but hopefully I will ...God Willing.

Roclo: #GodWilling indeed! I want to thank Betts, I also want to thank "Not Yet Saved" JP for joining us, and I want to thank everyone for tuning in to the first of edition of "MOF: Off The Books" presents "Unsanctioned"!